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When it comes to screening individuals we understand that you/we must never discriminate, but you do have the right to verify information pertaining to individuals in order to protect yourself, your reputation, your company's reputation, your employees, clients, property and products. The information we access is more current and sorted than that available to the general public. Integrity Investigations can help:

  • if you are thinking about participating in a business deal, becoming a partner, or helping out financially. You may want to verify the agent(s) and the company's information first.
  • if you are wanting to know who you are leaving your children with while you are working. Make sure you perform a criminal background check on your child's day care provider along with any others that will be present.
  • if you are interested in the installation of a "Nanny Cam." Integrity Investigations, Inc. has extensive experience in this area.
  • if you are concerned about your child going on a sleep over. Do you know who the parents are, who they really are? Have you done a sex offense check on the individuals who will be present in the home?
  • if you are wondering who your neighbors really are. Do they have criminal backgrounds?
  • if you are expecting to have contractors working on your home in the near future. If the company you have hired does not verify its employees' backgrounds you should request that they do, or do it yourself. Do not let a stranger have access to your home, family and valuables.
  • if you are experiencing a "not-so-right" gut feeling about someone a close friend or family member is dating. You can also have Integrity Investigations check out the background of someone you are dating or considering as a potential partner.

In all of these situations, and many more, Integrity Investigations can put your mind to rest. Our screening services include:

  • Tenant screening
  • Address history
  • Credit checks
  • Employment screening
  • Employment history
  • Education verification
  • Civil history
  • Criminal background checks (direct access to the courts)
  • Associate history
  • Bankruptcy/lien Judgment searches
  • BMV records screening (direct access)

Meeting your investigation needs with integrity