Child custody and visitation surveillance, supervision by Integrity Investigations, Inc., South Bend, Indiana, Michigan, South Carolina 



Divorce and child custody situations can be very stressful. Emotions run high and you need objective, legally conducted investigative services. Whether you are a mother, a father or a grandparent, Integrity Investigations can assist you through this troubling time.

Sometimes we are hired by a parent or grandparent to supervise the visitation with one parent or the other. For peace of mind we can conduct criminal background checks on either the custodial or non-custodial parent and anyone associated with them.  We also do surveillance to document that the parent IS utilizing their parenting time.

If you are represented by an attorney we will contact and work with them, if you choose. Our goal is to collect information through undercover operations, surveillance and computer research to build a stronger custody case for you, and help you protect your most important asset.

The information obtained by Integrity Investigations is kept in strict confidence. You will be kept informed about the progress of the investigation and be in complete control of the amount of money spent. Our investigations are legally conducted and the information gathered can be used by your attorney to enhance your case. We will also help your lawyer with advice that will help you once your case goes to mediation and/or court.

In early 2013 my son was shocked when he came home from work to find that his children and their mother had permanently left their home in Central Indiana without any notice or discussion. The children’s welfare quickly became our family’s focus and the task to locate them became our family’s priority. After determining they were in the South Bend area we engaged Integrity Investigations to assist us in finding the children and ultimately serving the papers that began the process to determine custody. Integrity Investigations was invaluable in the early days of our search, as well as in other subsequent issues, using information, technology and resources we had no idea was available. It was a happy ending with my son ultimately getting custody and the children returning to the only home they have known. Thank you Brandy Lord and Integrity Investigations.”  Anonymous


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