Criminal background checks by Integrity Investigations, Inc., South Bend, Indiana, Michigan, South Carolina



Prior to performing a criminal background check, we will conduct a social security search (Integrity can obtain the number if you do not have it available) to confirm the individual is the person they are claiming to be. The social security verification will provide an address history for the individual. From the address history we will verify the counties where the individual resided in the past 7-10 years. From there we will request criminal records from the county courts. We can also obtain state-wide criminal searches. 

Be careful when requesting background checks from online providers, most of them are not checking the actual court records. Databases do not have the court information, and most of the time they will return a “clear” result when in fact there are several records. 

There are 92 counties in the state of Indiana alone. Each county does not report their arrest and criminal records to the online databases for the general public to view. We have direct access to many courts in Indiana as well as the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. For out of state backgrounds we work with court researchers and the courts, themselves, to obtain any records.


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