Infidelity, divorce, domestic surveillance and investigations by Integrity Investigations, Inc., South Bend, Indiana, Michigan, South Carolina



Integrity Investigations treats domestic and divorce situations with the utmost discretion and sensitivity. Abuse and neglect can be frightening and embarrassing. Infidelity is demoralizing. We understand that and are prepared to help you while maintaining your privacy and confidentiality.

We specialize in infidelity surveillance, divorce and child custody matters. Spousal infidelity and checking the faithfulness of a partner is painful and difficult. Integrity Investigations, Inc., can help you by documenting the facts. You do not to be alone in this situation.

Our videotape evidence allows you to make decisions based on evidence not speculation. We do pre-surveillance investigations prior to actual on-site surveillance which can save time and money.

Whatever your domestic investigation needs are, the information you require will be documented in a detailed report and provided to you with photographic and/or videotaped evidence. Whether you need “hard evidence” for divorce planning and asset location, or simply peace of mind, Integrity Investigations, Inc. can provide the information you need. Remember, we are a licensed investigative firm so the evidence we collect can be used in court, if needed.


Meeting your investigation needs with integrity