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Unfortunately, you cannot judge if someone is a convicted criminal based on your first impression of them. If you choose to hire someone who has a violent past and that individual harms someone on the job, the liability you as the employer is likely to face can be detrimental to the company. If an individual you are considering for employment has a history of theft convictions, you would not want them in your facility, having access to equipment and supplies.

  • Are you sure that the individual applying is who they say they are? Let us perform a social security verification.
  • Do you check driving records for those potential employees that will be driving company vehicles or driving on company time? We can provide you with a 7 to 10 year driving history.
  • Have you verified potential employees' references, address history, education, credit report and previous employment?

Reduce the risk, cost, and workload by hiring us to give you accurate information when you need it. Integrity Investigations, Inc. offers exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, thorough searches and rapid turnaround time.

Know who you are considering for employment!

We have used Integrity Investigations for the past several years for background checks on potential employees. Their service has been very prompt and professional.

It is great to be able to deal directly with a person of responsibility such as Brandy when dealing with proprietary information and a person’s livelihood.

They have always provided what we needed and I would highly recommend their services.

Wayne Pecina
Afdent  Mishawaka, General Manager

Meeting your investigation needs with integrity