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Don't waste money on computer search services that don't deliver! Integrity Investigations, Inc. is a licensed investigation firm with legal access to information not available to the public. We have located many missing persons for individuals, business owners and law firms. Our offices are equipped with the technology to help your business, your case, or your family in your search.

  • Have you often wondered what it would be like to track down a loved one or an old friend or family member?
  • Do you have someone who owes you money?
  • Do you have a child support order but cannot find the individual?
  • Always wondered what it would be like to finally meet your biological parents, or that special child?
  • Do you know a runaway teenager?

Client testimonials

"It had been 48 years since my brother passed. A short time later his wife left town with my two nephews. Over the years I have tried to locate them, without any success. I contacted Integrity Investigations in hopes of putting my search to an end. Within two days I had the addresses and PHONE numbers of my nephews. The family reunion this year was unexplainable. Much thanks to Integrity Investigations!"

South Bend, IN

"My wife left the state with my son when he was only two years old. That was thirty-seven years ago. I tried public records and computer searches. Nothing helped. I called Integrity Investigations to seek some additional help with my search. Twenty minutes after meeting with Ms. Brandy Lord I had my son's information in my hand. We are planning to meet next month.

Thank you Integrity Investigations. We will be forever grateful!"

Eureka, CA

"My children's father has been on the move for the past seven years, making it difficult to garnish his wages for child support. Each time he moves, I contact Integrity Investigations for his current address. I pass that information on to my attorney so he can update the court's records. I am unsure what I would do without Integrity Investigation's help."

Mishawaka, IN


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