Surveillance and under cover investigation services by Integrity Investigations,Inc., South Bend, Indiana, Michigan, South Carolina



We utilize state-of-the-art video surveillance equipment and GPS tracking devices to assist with surveillance to monitor vehicles being utilized by subjects being investigated. We provide you with tangible proof of infidelity in cases questioning fidelity of a:

  • Cheating husband or wife
  • Cheating boyfriend or girlfriend

The investigators at Integrity Investigations, Inc. are also constantly monitoring the social media web sites to assist our clients with their cases.

Integrity Investigations also does surveillance for law firms in the areas of:

  • Insurance defense related to worker's compensation claims
  • Insurance fraud
  • Personal injury

We are also experienced with the installation of "nanny cams" should you have any unsettling feelings or reservations about the person you have hired to care for your children, or an elderly parent who needs caregivers.

Each case is unique and we at Integrity Investigations understand and are prepared to help you with your individual investigative needs.


Meeting your investigation needs with integrity