Tenant screening services by Integrity Investigaitons, Inc., South Bend, Indiana, Michigan, South Carolina


Don't let the value of your rental investment property deteriorate because of your tenants. Integrity Investigations has legal access to databases with information that can help you screen and select qualified tenants.

It is likely that someone who has a history of violent crimes does not change their behavior. Do you want your rental property to be a place where domestic violence occurs? Would you want someone who has been convicted of distributing or possession of drugs as tenant? Would you allow drug dealers to sell crack cocaine or other illegal drugs out of your home and jeopardize losing your property?

When we perform tenant screening we can also include credit checks, past rental history and confirmation of employment.

Client testimonial

"Using Integrity Investigations to provide background checks on potential renters, has been a blessing. We are able to rest knowing that we performed the proper screening process to select our tenants. The process is convenient, affordable, and necessary."

Granger, IN


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